Video Sales Demo

filming on location at The Dolphin Bay Resort for our TV show, Wine Dine and WorkoutSusan with Kac Young and Terence Concannon of Dolphin Bay Resort filming the wine tasting with Food and Beverage DirectorSusan Irby, Chef Jacob Moss, Kac Young at Dolphin Bay ResortSusan Irby, Brittanee Waters, Kac Young at Dolphin Bay ResortDolphin Bay flowers photo

4 thoughts on “Video Sales Demo

  1. I would watch this show and tell all of my friends to watch, too! It’s like a mini-vacation with every episode and the combination of wine, food, working out and learning about great locations is unbeatable. Great, great idea!

  2. This is the show I’ve been waiting for! I love to wine and dine and I know what happens when I don’t workout. Every week Susan takes me to a new place and I look forward to the next destination. The show not only teaches me about new wines and cuisines, it motivates me to work out as well. All in a half hour! Perfect!

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